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Deploy Ramp Up Technology’s Virtual Desktop Service Now!


Why use Ramp Up Technology for your business? We provide several features that will protect and create a more efficient business. We offer security and an easier way to install software for your business computers. If you want the worries of security breaches off your shoulders, then look no further than Ramp Up’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is when you can provide security and software for each desktop in your business by the connection of a server. This enables big businesses to connect all their business computers to have access to the same software and security measures they want on all of their computers. Meanwhile, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure enables each desktop with the ability to still maintain a personalized computer.

Utilizing Ramp Up’s Virtual Desktop

Utilizing Ramp Up’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) can be a simple process for any business. With the use of VDI, this will enable all of your business computers that are run by your employees to have access to the same software applications. This means you can securely deliver Windows applications to any user, on any device. Meanwhile, each computer can have their own individual personalized computer. However, all the software and management can be done using the virtual desktop infrastructure.

Ramp Up’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure technology is energy-efficient, award-winning thin clients and software. Our custom-made VDI was created to provide a solution to suit your IT budget, utilized applications, and performance requirements needed for your business environment. By being able to manage the software and other management in your business devices, the workplace and remote environments are more efficient. This also enables further protection for vital business information that each employee computer contains.

Ramp Up Provides Security & Monitoring

Rely on RAMPUP CLOUD client-computing Technology to offer a more secure, easy-to-manage, scalable, desktop virtualization. Ramp Up will maintain the server in which all of your business computers are linked to. Therefore, Ramp Up will constantly monitor the server to provide further security for every business computer. This offers less stress and worries about constantly overseeing the security of your business’s vital information.

By using Ramp Up’s VDI Technology, this enables your business to use BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). This means if your employees decide to bring their own smartphones and laptops to work, our VDI can protect the information they use on their devices as well. No more worries about vital business information getting outside the workplace.

Each business computer will be monitored by Ramp Up’s VDI Technology. Your company and all of your employee’s individual computers will be secure and monitored constantly to provide an efficient and secured workplace.

If your company needs the support and security of a VDI Technology, then look no further than Ramp Up’s VDI Technology. We offer great protection for all of your business computers.

Deploy Ramp Up Technology’s Virtual Desktop Service Now!
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