Relocating Your Office

You are not just moving to a new location – but so are all of your paperwork, furniture, and technology.

Take The Stress Out Of Relocating Your Office With Ramp Up Technology

There is a lot that goes into successful office relocations. After all, you are not just moving to a new location – but so are all of your paperwork, furniture, and technology. Whether you are downsizing your office, increasing it, or just moving to a new area, Ramp Up Technology can help ensure your transition is smooth and coordinated.

Office Relocation

Office relocations range in complexity. However, Ramp Up Technology will work with you to thoroughly understand your unique needs when it comes to relocation your business. After all, every company has its own dynamics. By understanding what you need during your move, we are better able to tailor the services we provide to you.

Ensuring a Smooth Relocation

There are a lot of small pieces that make a move run smoothly. At Ramp Up Technology, we keep the lines of communication open. This means keeping you and your employees informed of any scheduled services, preparations, or potential issues throughout the entire process.

Office relocations also mean planning and executing the incorporation of your company’s technology. Cabling, purchasing and installing new equipment, wireless infrastructure, and testing are all pieces of the puzzle Ramp Up can ensure are in place prior to your move-in date. In addition, Ramp Up can assist with access control, cameras, and AV. Ramp Up has been participating in relocations for 15 years in New York and has a network of teammates that can assist in making the move as seamless as possible. After all, once you are in your new office, you want to be up and running immediately. We ensure your technology relocation is well managed so you can resume business as usual as soon as possible.

Your data is the  “gold.” While some may be generalized documents, devoid of confidential information, others can be a bit on the private side. We understand how critical it is to protect these documents every step of the way. We will test backups before a move and make sure everything is tested prior to your employees starting up again at the new location.

Why Choose Ramp Up Technology to Help With Your Office Relocation

At Ramp Up Technology, we go beyond the services provided by a typical office relocation company. We help you plan your move down to the tiniest details. As your office relocation project managers, we help with: budgeting, bidding, preparation checklists, consulting, selecting relocation resources, comparing estimates you have received, and obtaining infrastructure specs of your new location. We also coordinate your network design effort, as well as providing potential VoIP and telecom solutions.

During your move, we also help coordinate with third-party facilitators and vendors. To ensure office relocations are successful, we also stay on the site of your new office for the first day. This allows us to identify and correct issues that may arise quickly.

If you are considering relocating your office, Ramp Up Technology can help. Contact us today to learn more about office relocations with Ramp Up Technology.